SAP SuccessFactors

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How SuccessFactors is Helping Businesses

SAP SuccessFactors is the global provider of cloud-based human capital management (HCM) software. A human capital management application suite that integrates onboarding, social business and collaboration tools, a learning management system (LMS), performance management, recruiting software, applicant tracking software, succession planning, talent management, and HR analytics to deliver business strategy alignment, team execution, and maximum people performance to organizations of all sizes across more than 60 industries.

In the competitive field of Human Resource Information System (HRIS) software, SAP SuccessFactors  stands out with world-class cloud technology and the ability to deliver sustainable competitive advantages that are based on organizations’ core competencies. A suite  that gives you a comprehensive set of essential core HR features, including 360 degree feedback, goal setting, social collaboration and social learning, performance appraisal and performance evaluations, e-recruiting, HR metrics, and of course, employee self-service.


Employee Central

One global system of record: A platform that is effective-dated across geographies, cost centers, legal entities, and employee types.

Complete workforce data: Combined HR and talent data delivers a richer, more comprehensive employee profile.

Powerful analytics: Correlate workforce data with financials, CRM, and other data for actionable insights.

Social collaboration: Optimize workforce productivity and accelerate innovation.

Continuous innovation: Cloud-delivered enhancements are provided 4x per year, with no additional cost or disruption.

Continuous innovation: Cloud-delivered enhancements are provided 4x per year, with no additional cost or disruption.

Performance & Goals

Goal Management. Keep your workforce constantly focused on the right business objectives.

Continuous Performance Management. Help employees improve and succeed with ongoing feedback and coaching.

Performance Assessments. Accurately measure the value and impact of your employees.

Recruitment/Recruitment Marketing

Source the world’s best talent.  Post jobs for candidates around the globe with analytics, providing complete visibility into sourcing to eliminate budget and reach the best candidates.

Engage and nurture talent. Build talent pipelines and engage with active and passive candidates everywhere with a complete responsive candidate experience that works across all devices.

Hire the right candidate. Streamline hiring from mobile apply to interview scheduling to online offer letters; and, with mobile tools to get jobs posted to approving offers, it is simple to hire the right talent.


Guiding the HR department, the hiring manager, and the new hire in a meaningful way though the steps of the onboarding process

Connecting new hires with the right people and relevant content even before they start

Connecting new hires with the right people and relevant content even before they start

Developing new hires quickly, turning them into productive employees and enabling them to begin contributing in record time

With SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding, you get:

  1. Improved process efficiency and compliance
  2. Faster time to contribution
  3. Better employee engagement and retention


Manage compensation easily: Intuitive, configurable processes for base and variable pay have simple, accurate, streamlined workflows.

Eliminate manager bias: Performance-based calibration across the company improves fairness and retention.

Increase insight with metrics: Dashboards and reports can be combined with other business data for total employee compensation analysis.

Improve budget and regulatory compliance: Automated monitoring and built-in reports keep payouts in line with budgets and regulations.

Assure data integrity: Automatically stored data saves time, reduces risk, and improves audit compliance.

Succession & Development

Reduce organizational risk: Identify and address current and potential talent gaps to reduce the risk of poor business execution

Ensure talent continuity: Develop and maintain a continuous supply of internal talent to fill critical roles throughout your organization

Leverage workforce insights: Analyze your organization’s talent supply and talent demand so that you can make more informed decisions.

Create more effective succession plans: Measure the effectiveness of your succession plans and the impact they have on business outcomes with custom reports and dashboards.

Increase employee engagement: Empower employees to reach their full potential, advance their careers, and accelerate their learning with targeted development plans


Improve workforce skills and employee productivity: Develop leaders and close performance gaps by engaging your employees. Studies show that engaged employees are better equipped to reach their own personal and company goals, and they’re more motivated and productive.

Reduce risk and help ensure compliance: SAP SuccessFactors Learning can help your organization comply with legally mandated compliance goals, such as OSHA, FDA, or HIPAA standards, or even things like an internal code-of-conduct.

Extend learning to external audiences Your organization can create unique “Extended Enterprise” environments for your partners, customers, franchisees, and other external audiences. The result: improved branch/franchise performance, customer and partner development, and retention. The SuccessFactors Extended Enterprise solution includes eCommerce capabilities for courses and can increase your learning solution’s ROI.